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Kabaka Kintu​

Kabaka Kintu is a fictional novel about the first King of Buganda. In writing the book, the author was inspired by childhood oral stories about the first GANDA King. These were stories told by elders in his community as he was growing up. This book is thus an imagination of what could have happened. The book talks about how he might have built several alliances to win battles against the ingenious clans in the Great Lakes region led by his sworn-brother, Omutaka Bemba Musota. It also talks about betrayal by some ingenious clans who defected from time to time amongst the Bataka/Chiefs of the Land. Hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as the author loved writing it.


About the Author

John Julius Muwulya the author is an engineer currently living and working in Seattle, WA. He serves as the Chairman of the Harambee Centre Board, a non-profit based in Portland, Oregon which aims to connect the people of the Pacific Northwest to the cultures of people in East-Africa through Education. The writer is also a past President of the University of Portland Student Body, and Vice-President of UNAA(Uganda North American Association). 
He was born in Masaka and raised in Kalisizo, Uganda.

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